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Welcome to the UC Santa Barbara Mathematics Department electronically downloadable preprint series, which features preprints authored by regular and visiting faculty, emeriti, postdocs, and graduate students.

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2022-11   ArXiv.Abstract Powell's Conjecture on the Goeritz group of the 3-sphere is stably true
Martin Scharlemann
2022-10   ArXiv.Abstract Generating the Goeritz group of S3
Martin Scharlemann
2022-09   ArXiv.Abstract Enumerative geometry of the mirror quintic
Sheldon Katz and David R. Morrison
2022-08   ArXiv.Abstract Examples of open manifolds with positive Ricci curvature and non-proper Busemann functions
Jiayin Pan, Guofang Wei
2022-07   Acrobat HOMFLY-PT Polynomials of Open Links
Kenneth C. Millett and Eleni Panagiotou
2022-06   Acrobat Propagation of Regularity and Decay of Solutions to Nonlinear Dispersive Equations
Felipe Linares and Gustavo Ponce
2022-05   ArXiv.Abstract Generalized Symmetries in F-theory and the Topology of Elliptic Fibrations
Max Hubner, David R. Morrison, Sakura Schafer-Nameki, Yi-Nan Wang
2022-04   ArXiv.Abstract Ricci Flow and Gromov Almost Flat Manifolds
Eric Chen, Guofang Wei, Rugang Ye
2022-03   ArXiv.Abstract Sub-Riemannian Geodesics on SL(2,ℝ)
Domenico D'Alessandro, Gunhee Cho
2022-02   ArXiv.Abstract A blob method for inhomogeneous diffusion with applications to multi-agent control and sampling
Katy Craig, Karthik Elamvazhuthi, Matt Haberland, Olga Turanova
2022-01   ArXiv.Abstract Vanishing results from Lichnerowicz Laplacian on complete Kähler manifolds and applications
Gunhee Cho, Nguyen Thac Dung


2021-18   Acrobat The HOMFLY-PT polynomial of the Conway and Kinoshita-Terasaka Knots
Kenneth C. Millett and Eleni Panagiotou
2021-17   ArXiv.Abstract On unique continuation for non-local dispersive models
Felipe Linares, Gustavo Ponce
2021-16   ArXiv.Abstract Rigidity results with curvature conditions from Lichnerowicz Laplacian and applications
Gunhee Cho, Nguyen Thac Dung, Tran Quang Huy
2021-15   ArXiv.Abstract Which Metric on the Space of Collider Events?
Tianji Cai, Junyi Cheng, Katy Craig, Nathaniel Craig
2021-14   ArXiv.Abstract Deformation of a Hyperbolic embedding into the Projective Toric Variety
Jaewon Yoo, Gunhee Cho
2021-13   ArXiv.Abstract Drift-Diffusion Dynamics and Phase Separation in Curved Cell Membranes and Dendritic Spines: Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Methods
Patrick D. Tran, Thomas A. Blanpied, Paul J. Atzberger
2021-12   ArXiv.Abstract A lower bound of the integrated Carathéodory--Reiffen metric and Invariant metrics on complete noncompact Kähler manifolds
Gunhee Cho, Kyu-Hwan Lee
2021-11   ArXiv.Abstract Integral Ricci curvature and the mass gap of Dirichlet Laplacians on domains
Xavier Ramos Olivé, Christian Rose, Lili Wang, Guofang Wei
2021-10   ArXiv.Abstract Scaffoldings of Totally Positive Matrices and Line Insertion
Karel Casteels
2021-09   ArXiv.Abstract Clustering dynamics on graphs: from spectral clustering to mean shift through Fokker-Planck interpolation
Katy Craig, Nicolás García Trillos, Dejan Slepčev
2021-08   ArXiv.Abstract Charge completeness and the massless charge lattice in F-theory models of supergravity
David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor
2021-07   ArXiv.Abstract MLMOD Package: Machine Learning Methods for Data-Driven Modeling in LAMMPS
Paul J. Atzberger
2021-06   ArXiv.Abstract Examples of Ricci limit spaces with non-integer Hausdorff dimension
Jiayin Pan, Guofang Wei
2021-05   ArXiv.Abstract Non-Perturbative Heterotic Duals of M-Theory on G2 Orbifolds
Bobby Samir Acharya, Alex Kinsella, David R. Morrison
2021-04   ArXiv.Abstract Diameter theorems on Kähler and quaternionic Kähler manifolds under a positive lower curvature bound
Maria Gordina, Gunhee Cho
2021-03   ArXiv.Abstract A note on first eigenvalue estimates by coupling methods in Kähler and quaternion Kähler manifolds
Fabrice Baudoin, Gunhee Cho, Guang Yang
2021-02   ArXiv.Abstract First-Passage Time Statistics on Surfaces of General Shape: Surface PDE Solvers using Generalized Moving Least Squares (GMLS)
B. J. Gross, P. Kuberry, P. J. Atzberger
2021-01   ArXiv.Abstract The fundamental gap of horoconvex domains in H^n
Xuan Hien Nguyen, Alina Stancu, Guofang Wei


2020-18   ArXiv.Abstract Variational Autoencoders for Learning Nonlinear Dynamics of Physical Systems
Ryan Lopez, Paul J. Atzberger
2020-17   ArXiv.Abstract Fundamental gaps of spherical triangles
Shoo Seto, Guofang Wei, Xuwen Zhu
2020-16   ArXiv.Abstract Linearized Optimal Transport for Collider Events
Tianji Cai, Junyi Cheng, Katy Craig, Nathaniel Craig
2020-15   ArXiv.Abstract On the unique continuation of solutions to non-local non-linear dispersive equations
Carlos E. Kenig, Didier Pilod, Gustavo Ponce, Luis Vega
2020-14   ArXiv.Abstract The Space of Strictly-convex Real-projective structures on a closed manifold
Daryl Cooper, Stephan Tillmann
2020-13   ArXiv.Abstract On properly convex real-projective manifolds with Generalized Cusp
Daryl Cooper, Stephan Tillmann
2020-12   ArXiv.Abstract The space of properly-convex structures
Daryl Cooper, Stephan Tillmann
2020-11   ArXiv.Abstract The Moduli Space of Marked Generalized Cusps in Real Projective Manifolds
Samuel A. Ballas, Daryl Cooper, Arielle Leitner
2020-10   ArXiv.Abstract Degenerations of representations and thin triangles
Daryl Cooper
2020-09   ArXiv.Abstract A Proximal-Gradient Algorithm for Crystal Surface Evolution
Katy Craig, Jian-Guo Liu, Jianfeng Lu, Jeremy L. Marzuola, Li Wang
2020-08   ArXiv.Abstract Higher-Form Symmetries in 5d
David R. Morrison, Sakura Schafer-Nameki, Brian Willett
2020-07   ArXiv.Abstract Topology and local geometry of the Eden model
Fedor Manin, Érika Roldán, Benjamin Schweinhart
2020-06   ArXiv.Abstract The vanishing of the fundamental gap of convex domains in $H^n$
Theodora Bourni, Julie Clutterbuck, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Alina Stancu, Guofang Wei, Valentina-Mira Wheeler
2020-05   ArXiv.Abstract Ancient solutions for flow by powers of the curvature in $R^2$
Theodora Bourni, Julie Clutterbuck, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Alina Stancu, Guofang Wei, Valentina-Mira Wheeler
2020-04   ArXiv.Abstract Eigenvalue estimates for Kato-type Ricci curvature conditions
Christian Rose, Guofang Wei
2020-03   ArXiv.Abstract GLN -- a method to reveal unique properties of lasso type topology in proteins
Wanda Niemyska, Kenneth C. Millett, Joanna I. Sulkowska
2020-02   ArXiv.Abstract Uniqueness in Haken's Theorem
Michael Freedman, Martin Scharlemann
2020-01   ArXiv.Abstract A Strong Haken's Theorem
Martin Scharlemann


2019-20   ArXiv.Abstract On the long time behavior of solutions to the Intermediate Long Wave equation
Claudio Muñoz, Gustavo Ponce, Jean-Claude Saut
2019-19   ArXiv.Abstract Asymptotic behavior of solutions of the dispersive generalized Benjamin-Ono equation
Felipe Linares, Argenis Mendez, Gustavo Ponce
2019-18   ArXiv.Abstract Tauvel's height formula for quantum nilpotent algebras
K R Goodearl, S Launois, T H Lenagan
2019-17   ArXiv.Abstract A stand-alone analysis of quasidensity
Stephen Simons
2019-16   ArXiv.Abstract GMLS-Nets: A Framework for Learning from Unstructured Data
N. Trask, R. G. Patel, B. J. Gross, and P. J. Atzberger
2019-15   ArXiv.Abstract Surface Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Methods for the Drift-Diffusion Dynamics of Particles and Microstructures within Curved Fluid Interfaces
D. Rower, M. Padidar, and P. J. Atzberger
2019-14   ArXiv.Abstract Meshfree Methods on Manifolds for Hydrodynamic Flows on Curved Surfaces: A Generalized Moving Least-Squares (GMLS) Approach
B. J. Gross, N. Trask, P. Kuberry, and P. J. Atzberger
2019-13   ArXiv.Abstract Heterogeneous Vesicles with Phases having Different Preferred Curvatures: Shape Fluctuations and Mechanics of Active Deformations
D.A. Rower, P.J. Atzberger
2019-12   ArXiv.Abstract Scalable spaces
Aleksandr Berdnikov, Fedor Manin
2019-11   ArXiv.Abstract A hardness of approximation result in metric geometry
Zarathustra Brady, Larry Guth, Fedor Manin
2019-10   ArXiv.Abstract Explicit fundamental gap estimates for some convex domains in $H^2$
Theodora Bourni, Julie Clutterbuck, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Alina Stancu, Guofang Wei, Valentina-Mira Wheeler
2019-09   ArXiv.Abstract Semi-local simple connectedness of non-collapsing Ricci limit spaces
Jiayin Pan, Guofang Wei
2019-08   ArXiv.Abstract One Powell generator is redundant
Martin Scharlemann
2019-07   ArXiv.Abstract Tauvel's height formula for quantum nilpotent algebras
K R Goodearl, S Launois, T H Lenagan
2019-06   ArXiv.Abstract High electric charges in M-theory from quiver varieties
Andrés Collinucci, Marco Fazzi, David R. Morrison, and Roberto Valandro
2019-05   ArXiv.Abstract Mirror symmetry and partition functions
Travis Maxfield, David R. Morrison, and M. Ronen Plesser
2019-04   ArXiv.Abstract On the Multiplicity One Conjecture in Min-max theory
Xin Zhou
2019-03   ArXiv.Abstract Unique continuation properties for solutions to the Camassa-Holm equation and other non-local equations
F. Linares and G. Ponce
2019-02   ArXiv.Abstract Uniqueness properties of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equation and related models
C. E. Kenig, G. Ponce, and L. Vega
2019-01   ArXiv.Abstract Primal dual methods for Wasserstein gradient flows
Jose A. Carrillo, Katy Craig, Li Wang, Chaozhen Wei



2018-33   ArXiv.Abstract Gossez's skew linear map and its pathological maximally monotone multifunctions
Stephen Simons
2018-32   ArXiv.Abstract Importance of the Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning Methods for Scientific and Engineering Applications
P. J. Atzberger
2018-31   ArXiv.Abstract Stochastic Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (SDGM) Based on Fluctuation-Dissipation Balance
W. Pazner, N. Trask, P.J. Atzberger
2018-30   ArXiv.Abstract Hydrodynamic Flows on Curved Surfaces: Spectral Numerical Methods for Radial Manifold Shapes
B. Gross and P.J. Atzberger
2018-29   ArXiv.Abstract Zhong-Yang type eigenvalue estimate with integral curvature condition
Xavier Ramos Olivé, Shoo Seto, Guofang Wei, Qi S. Zhang
2018-28   ArXiv.Abstract Maximal volume entropy rigidity for RCD*(−(N−1),N) spaces
Chris Connell, Xianzhe Dai, Jesús Núñez-Zimbrón, Raquel Perales, Pablo Suárez-Serrato, Guofang Wei
2018-27   ArXiv.Abstract On the volume of orbifold quotients of symmetric spaces
Ilesanmi Adeboye, McKenzie Wang, Guofang Wei
2018-26   ArXiv.Abstract Min-max theory for networks of constant geodesic curvature
Xin Zhou, Jonathan Zhu
2018-25   ArXiv.Abstract Existence of hypersurfaces with prescribed mean curvature I - Generic min-max
Xin Zhou, Jonathan Zhu
2018-24   ArXiv.Abstract Min-max minimal disks with free boundary in Riemannian manifolds
Longzhi Lin, Ao Sun, Xin Zhou
2018-23   ArXiv.Abstract Free boundary minimal hypersurfaces with least area
Qiang Guang, Zhichao Wang, Xin Zhou
2018-22   ArXiv.Abstract On a class of solutions to the generalized derivative Schrodinger equation II
F. Linares, G. Ponce, and G. Santos
2018-21   ArXiv.Abstract On the asymptotic behavior of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equation
C. Muñoz and G. Ponce
2018-20   ArXiv.Abstract The affine motion of 2d incompressible fluids and flows in SL(2,R)
Jay Roberts, Steve Shkoller, and Thomas C. Sideris
2018-19   ArXiv.Abstract Aggregation-diffusion equations: dynamics, asymptotics, and singular limits
Jose A. Carrillo, Katy Craig, Yao Yao
2018-18   ArXiv.Abstract A systematic search of knot and link invariants beyond modular data
Colleen Delaney, Alan Tran
2018-17   ArXiv.Abstract Random outer automorphisms of free groups: Attracting trees and their singularity structures
Ilya Kapovich, Joseph Maher, Catherine Pfaff, Samuel J. Taylor
2018-16   ArXiv.Abstract The frozen phase of F-theory
Lakshya Bhardwaj, David R. Morrison, Yuji Tachikawa, Alessandro Tomasiello
2018-15   ArXiv.Abstract Breathers and the dynamics of solutions in KdV type equations
C. Muñoz and G. Ponce
2018-14   ArXiv.Abstract On a class of solutions to the generalized KdV type equation
F. Linares, H. Miyazaki and G. Ponce
2018-13   ArXiv.Abstract Geometry and Physics: An Overview
David R. Morrison
2018-12   ArXiv.Abstract On invariants of Modular categories beyond modular data
Parsa Bonderson, Colleen Delaney, César Galindo, Eric C. Rowell, Alan Tran, Zhenghan Wang
2018-11   ArXiv.Abstract Powell moves and the Goeritz group
Michael Freedman, Martin Scharlemann
2018-10   ArXiv.Abstract Fundamental gap estimate for convex domains on sphere -- the case $n=2$
Xianzhe Dai, Shoo Seto, Guofang Wei
2018-09   ArXiv.Abstract Rigidity of minimal submanifolds in space forms
Hang Chen, Guofang Wei
2018-08   ArXiv.Abstract Infinitely Many M2-instanton Corrections to M-theory on $G_2$-manifolds
Andreas P. Braun, Michele Del Zotto, James Halverson, Magdalena Larfors, David R. Morrison, Sakura Schäfer-Nameki
2018-07   ArXiv.Abstract 4D Gauge Theories with Conformal Matter
Fabio Apruzzi, Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Luigi Tizzano
2018-06   ArXiv.Abstract Understanding finite dimensional representations generically
K.R. Goodearl and B. Huisgen-Zimmermann
2018-05   ArXiv.Abstract Closures in varieties of representations and irreducible components
K.R. Goodearl and B. Huisgen-Zimmermann
2018-04   ArXiv.Abstract Cluster algebra structures on Poisson nilpotent algebras
K. R. Goodearl, M. T. Yakimov
2018-03   ArXiv.Abstract Counting conjugacy classes of fully irreducibles: double exponential growth
Ilya Kapovich, Catherine Pfaff
2018-02   Acrobat Knotting and Linking in Macromolecules
Kenneth C. Millett
2018-01   ArXiv.Abstract The Prime Spectrum and Representation Theory of the 2×2 Reflection Equation Algebra
Ebrahim Ebrahim



2017-30   ArXiv.Abstract Quasidensity: a survey and some examples
Stephen Simons
2017-29   ArXiv.Abstract Twist invariants of graded algebras
K.R. Goodearl, M.T. Yakimov
2017-28   ArXiv.Abstract General Bayesian Inference over the Stiefel Manifold via the Givens Transform
Arya A Pourzanjani, Richard M Jiang, Brian Mitchell, Paul J Atzberger, Linda R Petzold
2017-27   ArXiv.Abstract Topological Methods for Polymeric Materials: Characterizing the Relationship Between Polymer Entanglement and Viscoelasticity
Eleni Panagiotou, Ken Millett, Paul J. Atzberger
2017-26   ArXiv.Abstract Electrostatics of Particle Confinement within Nanochannels: Role of Double-Layer Interactions and Ion-Ion Correlations
Inderbir S. Sidhu, Amalie L. Frischknecht, Paul J. Atzberger
2017-25   ArXiv.Abstract Spectral Numerical Exterior Calculus Methods for Differential Equations on Radial Manifolds
Ben J. Gross, Paul J. Atzberger
2017-24   ArXiv.Abstract On a class of solutions to the generalized derivative Schrödinger equations
Felipe Linares, Gustavo Ponce, Gleison N. Santos
2017-23   ArXiv.Abstract Classifying Global Symmetries of 6D SCFTs
Peter R. Merkx
2017-22   ArXiv.Abstract Closed minimal surfaces of high Morse index in manifolds of negative curvature
John Douglas Moore
2017-21   ArXiv.Abstract Generalized Cusps in Real Projective Manifolds: Classification
Samuel A. Ballas, Daryl Cooper, Arielle Leitner
2017-20   ArXiv.Abstract Lens rigidity for a particle in a Yang-Mills field
Gabriel P. Paternain, Gunther Uhlmann, Hanming Zhou
2017-19   ArXiv.Abstract Reconstruction of a compact Riemannian manifold from the scattering data of internal sources
Matti Lassas, Teemu Saksala, Hanming Zhou
2017-18   ArXiv.Abstract Weighted asymptotic Korn and interpolation Korn inequalities with singular weights
Davit Harutyunyan and Hayk Mikayelyan
2017-17   ArXiv.Abstract Towards shell rigidity: On the Korn interpolation and second inequalities for shells
Davit Harutyunyan
2017-16   ArXiv.Abstract On the $L^\infty$-maximization of the solution of Poisson's equation: Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger type inequalities and applications
Davit Harutyunyan and Hayk Mikayelyan
2017-15   ArXiv.Abstract Ubiquitous quasi-Fuchsian surfaces in cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Daryl Cooper, David Futer
2017-14   ArXiv.Abstract Minimal two-spheres of low index in manifolds of positive complex sectional curvature
John Douglas Moore, Robert Ream
2017-13   ArXiv.Abstract Bridgeland stability on blow ups and counterexamples
Cristian Martinez, Benjamin Schmidt
2017-11   ArXiv.Abstract A blob method for diffusion
José Antonio Carrillo, Katy Craig, Francesco S. Patacchini
2017-10   ArXiv.Abstract Conformal field theories and compact curves in moduli spaces
Ron Donagi and David R. Morrison
2017-09   ArXiv.Abstract Min-max theory for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
Xin Zhou, Jonathan J. Zhu
2017-08   ArXiv.Abstract Undesired parking spaces and contractible pieces of the noncrossing partition link
Michael Dougherty and Jon McCammond
2017-07   ArXiv.Abstract Exotic matter on singular divisors in F-theory
Denis Klevers, David R. Morrison, Nikhil Raghuram, Washington Taylor
2017-06   ArXiv.Abstract Fundamental Gap of Convex Domains in the Spheres (with Appendix B by Qi S. Zhang)
Chenxu He, Guofang Wei
2017-05   ArXiv.Abstract Dehn’s lemma for immersed loops
Michael Freedman and Martin Scharlemann
2017-04   ArXiv.Abstract Explicit formulas for enumeration of lattice paths: basketball and the kernel method
Cyril Banderier, Christian Krattenthaler, Alan Krinik, Dmitry Kruchinin, Vladimir Kruchinin, David Nguyen, and Michael Wallner
2017-03   Acrobat Linking matrices in systems with Periodic Boundary Conditions
Eleni Panagiotou and Kenneth C. Millett
2017-02   ArXiv.Abstract 6D SCFTs and phases of 5d theories
Michele Del Zotto, Jonathan J. Heckman, and David R. Morrison
2017-01   Acrobat More Knots in Knots: a study of classical knot diagrams
Kenneth C Millett and Alex Rich



2016-34   ArXiv.Abstract The Berenstein-Zelevinsky quantum cluster algebra conjecture
K. R. Goodearl, M. T. Yakimov
2016-33   ArXiv.Abstract Hydrodynamic Coupling of Particle Inclusions Embedded in Curved Lipid Bilayer Membranes
Jon Karl Sigurdsson, Paul J. Atzberger
2016-32   Acrobat Zariski dense surface subgroups in $SL(4,\mathbb{Z})$
D.D. Long & M. B. Thistlethwaite
2016-31   ArXiv.Abstract Congruence subgroups from representations of the three-strand braid group
Joseph Ricci and Zhenghan Wang
2016-30   ArXiv.Abstract Volume growth, entropy and stability for translating solitons
Qiang Guang
2016-29   ArXiv.Abstract Curvature estimates for stable free boundary minimal hypersurfaces
Martin Li, Xin Zhou
2016-28   ArXiv.Abstract Min-max theory for free boundary minimal hypersurfaces I - regularity theory
Martin Li, Xin Zhou
2016-27   ArXiv.Abstract Neumann Isoperimetric Constant Estimate for Convex Domains
Xianzhe Dai, Guofang Wei, Zhenlei Zhang
2016-26   ArXiv.Abstract The Heisenberg group acts on a strictly convex domain
Daryl Cooper
2016-25   ArXiv.Abstract Singular values of weighted composition operators and second quantization
Mihai Putinar, James E. Tener
2016-24   ArXiv.Abstract On classification of extremal non-holomorphic conformal field theories
James E. Tener, Zhenghan Wang
2016-23   ArXiv.Abstract Geometric realization of algebraic conformal field theories
James E.Tener
2016-22   ArXiv.Abstract Construction of the unitary free fermion Segal CFT
James E. Tener
2016-21   ArXiv.Abstract Planar algebras in braided tensor categories
André Henriques, David Penneys, James E.Tener
2016-20   ArXiv.Abstract Bootstrapping the Mazur-Orlicz-Konig theorem
Stephen Simons
2016-19   Acrobat The Rockafellar Conjecture and type (FPV)
Radu Ioan Bot, Orestes Bueno and Stephen Simons
2016-18   ArXiv.Abstract Quasidense monotone multifunctions
Stephen Simons
2016-17   ArXiv.Abstract Non-Higgsable abelian gauge symmetry and F-theory on fiber products of rational elliptic surfaces
David R. Morrison, Daniel S. Park, Washington Taylor
2016-16   ArXiv.Abstract Gradient recovery for elliptic interface problem: II. immersed finite element methods
Hailong Guo and Xu Yang
2016-15   ArXiv.Abstract Gradient recovery for elliptic interface problem: I. body-fitted mesh
Hailong Guo and Xu Yang
2016-14   ArXiv.Abstract Properties of solutions to the Camass-Holm equation on the line in a class containing the peaks
Felipe Linares, Gustavo Ponce, Thomas C. Sideris
2016-13   ArXiv.Abstract Gromov-Witten invariants and localization
David R. Morrison
2016-12   ArXiv.Abstract Tall sections from non-minimal transformations
David R. Morrison and Daniel S. Park
2016-11   ArXiv.Abstract Normalizers and centralizers of cyclic subgroups generated by lone axis fully irreducible outer automorphisms
2016-10   ArXiv.Abstract Sharp Fundamental Gap Estimate on Convex Domains of Sphere
Shoo Seto, Lili Wang, Guofang Wei
2016-09   ArXiv.Abstract Non-affine Hopf algebra domains of Gelfand-Kirillov dimension two
K.R. Goodearl and J.J. Zhang
2016-08   ArXiv.Abstract On the universal cover and the fundamental group of an $RCD^*(K,N)$-space
Andrea Mondino, Guofang Wei
2016-07   ArXiv.Abstract Local Sobolev Constant Estimate for Integral Ricci Curvature Bounds
Xianzhe Dai, Guofang Wei, Zhenlei Zhang
2016-06   ArXiv.Abstract F-theory and Unpaired Tensors in 6D SCFTs and LSTs
David R. Morrison and Tom Rudelius
2016-05   ArXiv.Abstract F-Theory and N=1 SCFTs in Four Dimensions
David R. Morrison and Cumrun Vafa
2016-04   ArXiv.Abstract An ergodic algorithm for generating knots with a prescribed injectivity radius
Kyle Chapman
2016-03   ArXiv.Abstract Congested aggregation via Newtonian interaction
Katy Craig, Inwon Kim, Yao Yao
2016-02   ArXiv.Abstract SU(N) transitions in M-theory on Calabi-Yau fourfolds and background fluxes
Hans Jockers, Sheldon Katz, David R. Morrison, M. Ronen Plesser
2016-01   ArXiv.Abstract A Decomposition of Parking Functions by Undesired Spaces
Melody Bruce, Michael Dougherty, Max Hlavacek, Ryo Kudo, Ian Nicolas



2015-28   Acrobat A Generalization of p-Rings
Adil Yaqub
2015-27   ArXiv.Abstract Nonconvex gradient flow in the Wasserstein metric and applications to constrained nonlocal interactions
Katy Craig
2015-26   ArXiv.Abstract Weak subdifferentials, rL-density and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons and Xianfu Wang
2015-25   ArXiv.Abstract "Densities" and Maximal monotonicity I
Stephen Simons
2015-24   ArXiv.Abstract Existence and asymptotic behavior of affine motion of 3D ideal fluids surrounded by vacuum
Thomas C. Sideris
2015-23   ArXiv.Abstract Tensor splitting properties of n-inverse pairs of operators
Caixing Gu and Stepan Paul
2015-22   ArXiv.Abstract Deforming convex projective manifolds
Daryl Cooper, Darren Long, Stephan Tillmann
2015-21   ArXiv.Abstract On the regularity of solutions to a class of nonlinear dispersive equations
F. Linares, G. Ponce, D. L. Smith
2015-20   ArXiv.Abstract Hardy Uncertainty Principle, Convexity and Parabolic Evolutions
L. Escauriaza, C. E. Kenig, G. Ponce, L. Vega
2015-19   ArXiv.Abstract On the propagation of regularity of solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvilli (KPII) equation
P. Isaza, F. Linares, G. Ponce
2015-18   ArXiv.Abstract Ideal Whitehead Graphs in Out(Fr): Building ideal Whitehead graphs in higher ranks and ideal Whitehead graphs with cut vertices
Catherine Pfaff
2015-17   ArXiv.Abstract Lehmer pairs revisited
Jeffrey Stopple
2015-16   ArXiv.Abstract F-theory and the Classification of Little Strings
Lakshya Bhardwaj, Michele Del Zotto, Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Tom Rudelius, Cumrun Vafa
2015-15   ArXiv.Abstract On the global symmetries of 6D superconformal field theories
Marco Bertolini, Peter R. Merkx, David R. Morrison
2015-14   ArXiv.Abstract Convex projective structure on non-hyperbolic three-manifolds
Samuel Ballas, Jeffrey Danciger, and Gye-Seon Lee
2015-13   ArXiv.Abstract A Classification of subgroups of SL(4, R) Isomorphic to R3 and Generalized Cusps in Projective 3 Manifolds
Arielle Leitner
2015-12   ArXiv.Abstract Limits Under Conjugacy of the Diagonal Subgroup in SL(n,R)
Arielle Leitner
2015-11   ArXiv.Abstract Conjugacy Limits of the Cartan Subgroup in SL(3,R)
Arielle Leitner
2015-10   ArXiv.Abstract On Gauge Enhancement and Singular Limits in G2 Compactifications of M-theory
James Halverson and David R. Morrison
2015-9   ArXiv.Abstract Characterizations of the round two-dimensional sphere in terms of closed geodesics
Lee Kennard and Jordan Rainone
2015-8   Acrobat Thin surface subgroups in cocompact lattices in SL(3,R)
D.D. Long & A. W. Reid
2015-7   ArXiv.Abstract The Area of Convex Projective Surfaces

Ilesanmi Adeboye, Daryl Cooper

2015-6   ArXiv.Abstract Complexity functions on 1-dimensional cohomology
Daryl Cooper and Stephan Tillmann
2015-5   ArXiv.Abstract Geometry of 6D RG Flows
Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Tom Rudelius, Cumrun Vafa
2015-4   ArXiv.Abstract Special Lagrangian torus fibrations of complete intersection Calabi-Yau manifolds: a geometric conjecture
David R. Morrison, M. Ronen Plesser
2015-3   Acrobat Lenstra-Hurwitz cliques and the class number one problem
D. D. Long and Morwen B. Thistlethwaite
2015-2   ArXiv.Abstract Detecting Fourier subspaces
Charles A. Akemann and Nik Weaver
2015-1   ArXiv.Abstract Atomic Classification of 6D SCFTs
Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Tom Rudelius and Cumrun Vafa



2014-39   ArXiv.Abstract 6D SCFTs and Gravity
Michele Del Zotto, Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison and Daniel S. Park
2014-38   ArXiv.Abstract Non-Higgsable clusters for 4D F-theory models
David R. Morrison and Washington Taylor
2014-37   ArXiv.Abstract The Landscape of M-theory Compactifications on Seven-Manifolds with G2 Holonomy
James Halverson and David R. Morrison
2014-36   ArXiv.Abstract The exceptional symmetry
Jon McCammond
2014-35   ArXiv.Abstract Curvature and computation
Jon McCammond
2014-34   ArXiv.Abstract The infinite cyclohedron and its automorphism group
Ariadna Fossas Tenas and Jon McCammond
2014-33   ArXiv.Abstract Braid groups and euclidean simplices
Elizabeth Leyton Chisholm and Jon McCammond
2014-32   Acrobat A Mathematical Analysis of Knotting and Linking in Leonardo da Vinci's Cartelle of the Accademia Vinciana
Jessica Hoy and Kenneth C Millett
2014-31   ArXiv.Abstract The realization problem for some wild monoids and the Atiyah problem
P. Ara and K. R. Goodearl
2014-30   ArXiv.Abstract Constructing thin subgroups commensurable with the figure-eight knot group
Samuel A. Ballas and Darren Long
2014-29   published Pulling-force-induced elongation and alignment effects on entanglement and knotting characteristics of linear polymers in a melt.
E. Panagiotou and M. Kroeger
2014-28   ArXiv.Abstract The isomorphism problem for multiparameter quantized Weyl algebras
K. R. Goodearl, J. T. Hartwig
2014-27   ArXiv.Abstract Tame and wild refinement monoids
P. Ara, K. R. Goodearl
2014-26   ArXiv.Abstract On the propagation of regularities in solution of the Benjamin-Ono equation
P. Isaza, F. Linares, G. Ponce
2014-25   ArXiv.Abstract On the persistence properties in fractional weighted spaces
G. Fonseca, F. Linares, G. Ponce
2014-24   ArXiv.Abstract Propagation of regularity and decay of solution of the k-generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation
JP. Isaza, F. Linares, G. Ponce
2014-23   ArXiv.Abstract Decay properties for solutions of fifth order nonlinear dispersive equations
JP. Isaza, F. Linares, G. Ponce
2014-22   Acrobat Spreading of the free boundary of an ideal fluid in a vacuum
Thomas C. Sideris
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Nicolas Brody and Jordan Schettler
2014-16   Acrobat Wendy's Xenharmonic Keyboard
Jordan Schettler
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Andreas Malmendier and David R. Morrison
2014-14   ArXiv.Abstract Notes on log(?(s))''
Jeffrey Stopple
2014-13   ArXiv.Abstract Mordell-Weil Torsion and the Global Structure of Gauge Groups in F-theory
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David R. Morrison and Washington Taylor
2014-11   ArXiv.Abstract Using Continued Fractions to Compute Iwasawa Lambda Invariants of Imaginary Quadratic Number Fields
Jordan Schettler
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Samuel Ballas
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Manuel Amann and Lee Kennard
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Manuel Amann and Lee Kennard
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Volker Braun, David R. Morrison
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Claire Levaillant
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Jon McCammond
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Jon McCammond and Robert Sulway
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Jon McCammond
2014-1   ArXiv.Abstract Factoring euclidean isometries
Noel Brady and Jon McCammond



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Pat Plunkett, Jon Hu, Chris Siefert, Paul J. Atzberger
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2013-34   ArXiv.Abstract On the Classification of 6D SCFTs and Generalized ADE Orbifolds
Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Cumrun Vafa
2013-33   published The Kolmogorov-Obukhov Theory of Turbulence, A Mathematical Theory of Turbulence
Björn Birnir
2013-32   eScholarship The Kolmogorov-Obukhov-She-Leveque Scaling in Turbulence
Björn Birnir
2013-31   eScholarship The Kolmogorov-Obukhov Statistical Theory of Turbulence
Björn Birnir
2013-30   eScholarship KOSL Scaling, Invariant Measure and PDF of Turbulence
Björn Birnir
2013-29   eScholarship Ordered, Disordered and Partially Synchronized Schools of Fish
Baldvin Einarsson, Björn Birnir, and Luis L. Bonilla
2013-28   eScholarship Erosion and optimal transport
Björn Birnir and Julie Rowlett
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Lee Kennard
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Claire Levaillant
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Stephen Simons
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Michael Yoshizawa
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T. Grafke, R. Grauer, T.C. Sideris
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Jeffrey Stopple
2013-12   ArXiv.Abstract Monotonicity Formulas for Bakry-Emery Ricci Curvature
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2013-11   Acrobat Knot Fingerprints Resolve Knot Complexity and Knotting Pathways in Tight Knots
David A. B. Hyde, Kenneth C. Millett, Joshua Henrich, Eric J. Rawdon and Andrzej Stasiak
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Mark Duggan and Larry Gerstein
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Jeffrey Stopple



2012-38   ArXiv.Abstract A quantum combinatorial approach for computing a tetrahedral network of Jones-Wenzl projectors
Claire Levaillant
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Jordan Schettler
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Jordan Schettler
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Bela Bauer and Claire Levaillant
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Lee Kennard
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Stephen Simons
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Stephen Simons
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Stephen Simons
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Stephen Simons
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Stephen Bigelow and David Penneys
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Stephen Bigelow
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Stephen Bigelow, Alessia Cattabriga and Vincent Florens
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Guofang Wei and Peng Wu
2012-22   ArXiv.Abstract A 3-Manifold with no Real Projective Structure
Daryl Cooper and William Goldman
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Martin Scharlemann
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K. Grace Kennedy
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Stepan Paul
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Ryan Blair, Maggy Tomova and Michael Yoshizawa
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Kenneth Intriligator, Hans Jockers, Peter Mayr, David R. Morrison, M. Ronen Plesser
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David R. Morrison and Washington Taylor
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Jeffrey Stopple
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Claire Levaillant
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Claire Levaillant
2012-09   ArXiv.Abstract Reducibility of the Cohen-Wales representation of the Artin group of type Dn
Claire Levaillant
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Claire Levaillant
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2012-02   ArXiv.Abstract Noetherian Hopf algebras
K. R. Goodearl
2012-01   ArXiv.Abstract Classifying bases for 6D F-theory models
David R Morrison and Washington Taylor



2011-22   published Social Influence Network Theory: A Sociological Examination of Small Group Dynamics
Noah E. Friedkin and Eugene C. Johnsen
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Laura Zirbel, Kenneth C. Millett
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Jeffrey Stopple
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Jeffrey Stopple
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Peng Wu
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Milen Yakimov
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Jaime Angulo, Gustavo Ponce



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Vijay Kumar, David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor
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Jesse Liptrap
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Jesse Liptrap
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Jock McOrist, David R. Morrison, Savdeep Sethi
2010-08   Acrobat Physical Knot Theory: An Introduction to the Study of the Influence of Knotting on the Spatial Characteristics of Polymers
Kenneth C. Millett
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Tudor Dimofte, Sergei Gukov
2010-06   ArXiv.Abstract Spatially Adaptive Stochastic Multigrid Methods for Fluid-Structure Systems with Thermal Fluctuations
Paul J. Atzberger
2010-05   Acrobat Analysis of Selection Approaches for Aptamer Molecular Libraries
Joe F. Rudzinski, Hyongsok T. Soh, Paul J. Atzberger
2010-04   Acrobat Stochastic reduction method for biological chemical kinetics using time-scale separation
Chetan D. Pahlajani, Mustafa Khammash, and Paul J. Atzberger
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Martin Scharlemann
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David R. Morrison
2010-01   ArXiv.Abstract SSDB spaces and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons



2009-47   ArXiv.Abstract A Brownian Dynamics Model of Kinesin in Three Dimensions Incorporating the Force-Extension Profile of the Coiled-Coil Cargo Tether
P. J. Atzberger, C. S. Peskin
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Stephen Simons
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Stephen Bigelow
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Milen Yakimov
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Milen Yakimov
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Milen Yakimov
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Andreas Malmendier
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Michael J. Williams
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Michael J. Williams
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Adebisi Agboola
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Daryl Cooper and Joan Porti
2009-27   ArXiv.Abstract Mapping 6D N=1 supergravities to F-theory
Vijay Kumar, David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor
2009-26   Acrobat Stochastic Eulerian-Lagrangian methods for fluid-structure interactions with thermal fluctuations and shear boundary conditions
Paul J. Atzberger
2009-25   Acrobat Spatially adaptive stochastic numerical methods for intrinsic fluctuations in reaction-diffusion systems
Paul J. Atzberger
2009-24   ArXiv.Abstract Cremmer-Gervais r-matrices and the Cherednik Algebras of type GL2
Garrett Johnson
2009-23   ArXiv.Abstract Triangles, squares and geodesics
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Jon McCammond
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Jon McCammond and Daniel Wise
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K.R. Goodearl and J.J. Zhang
2009-10   ArXiv.Abstract Refined, Motivic, and Quantum
Tudor Dimofte and Sergei Gukov
2009-09   CDLIB.Abstract Approximation of the Invariant Measure for the Stochastic Navier-Stokes
Bjorn Birnir
2009-08   CDLIB.Abstract The Existence and Uniqueness of Turbulent Solutions of the Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equation
Bjorn Birnir
2009-07   CDLIB.Abstract Modeling and Simulations of the Spawning Migration of Pelagic Fish
Alethea B. T. Barbaro, Baldvin Einarsson, Bjorn Birnir, Sven Þ. Sigurðsson, Héðinn Valdimarsson, Ólafur K. Pálsson, Sveinn Sveinbjörnsson, and Þorsteinn Sigurðsson
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Melisa Hendrata and Bjorn Birnir
2009-05   CDLIB.Abstract Meanderings of fluid streams on acrylic surfaces, driven by external noise
Bjorn Birnir, Keith Mertens, Vakhtang Putkaradze, and Peter Vorobieff
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Lamia Youseff, Alethea Barbaro, Peterson F. Trethewey, Bjorn Birnir, and J R. Gilbert
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Tudor Dimofte, Sergei Gukov, Jonatan Lenells, Don Zagier
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Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
2009-01   Acrobat A heat trace anomaly on polygons
Rafe Mazzeo and Julie Rowlett



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Thomas C. Sideris
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Kenneth C. Millett
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Charlie Beil
2008-33   ArXiv.Abstract Geometric aspects of dibaryon operators
Charlie Beil, David Berenstein
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Howard E. Bell and Adil Yaqub
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Hazar Abu-Khuzam and Adil Yaqub
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Matthew Macauley, Jon McCammond, and Henning S. Mortveit
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Matthew Macauley, Brian Rabern, and Landon Rabern
2008-23   ArXiv.Abstract Surgery on a knot in (Surface x I)
Martin Scharlemann and Abby Thompson
2008-22   Acrobat A new look at sums of squares
Larry J. Gerstein
2008-21   ArXiv.Abstract Extremal N=(2,2) 2D Conformal Field Theories and Constraints of Modularity
Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Sergei Gukov, Christoph A. Keller, Gregory W. Moore, Hirosi Ooguri
2008-20   ArXiv.Abstract Rigidity of Quasi-Einstein Metrics
Jeffrey Case, Yujen Shu, Guofang Wei
2008-19   published The Zieschang Gedenkschrift
Michel Boileau, Martin Scharlemann, Richard Weidmann (editors)
2008-18   ArXiv.Abstract Rigid Surface Operators
Sergei Gukov, Edward Witten
2008-17   Acrobat A new proof of the maximal monotonicity of subdifferentials
Stephen Simons
2008-16   Acrobat From Hahn-Banach to monotonicity (table of contents and introduction)
Stephen Simons
2008-15   Acrobat LERF and the Lubotzky-Sarnak Conjecture
M. Lackenby, D. D. Long and A. W. Reid
2008-14   ArXiv.Abstract Solution to the Burnside Problem
Seymour Bachmuth
2008-13   ArXiv.Abstract Parameter Collapse due to the Zeros in the Inverse Condition
R. Spjut
2008-12   ArXiv.Abstract Equivalences on Acyclic Orientations
Matthew Macauley and Henning S. Mortveit
2008-11   ArXiv.Abstract The quadratic character experiment
Jeffrey Stopple
2008-10   Acrobat The real loci of Calogero-Moser spaces, representations of rational Cherednik algebras and the Shapiro conjecture
Iain Gordon, Emil Horozov, and Milen Yakimov
2008-09   Acrobat Modular classes of regular twisted Poisson structures on Lie algebroids
Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach and Milen Yakimov
2008-08   ArXiv.Abstract The signature of the Seiberg-Witten surface
Andreas Malmendier
2008-07   Acrobat Locational Market Power in Network Constrained Markets
Karla Atkins, Jiangzhuo Chen, V.S. Anil Kumar, Matthew Macauley, Achla Marathe
2008-06   Acrobat A proof of the Gordon Conjecture
Ruifeng Qiu and Martin Scharlemann
2008-05   CDLIB.Abstract Turbulent Rivers
Bjorn Birnir
2008-04   CDLIB.Abstract Turbulence of a Unidirectional Flow
Bjorn Birnir
2008-03   CDLIB.Abstract A Model for Aperiodicity in Earthquakes
Brittany Erickson, Bjorn Birnir, and Daniel Lavallée
2008-02   CDLIB.Abstract Discrete and continuous models of the dynamics of pelagic fish: application to the capelin
Alethea Barbaro, Kirk Taylor, Peterson F. Trethewey, Lamia Youseff, and Bjorn Birnir
2008-01   Acrobat Scaling Behavior and Equilibrium Lengths of Knotted Polymers
Eric Rawdon, Akos Dobay, John C. Kern, Kenneth C. Millett, Michael Piatek, Patrick Plunkett, Andrzej Stasiak



2007-39   ArXiv.Abstract Leavitt path algebras and direct limits
K. R. Goodearl
2007-38   ArXiv.Abstract On Enumeration of Conjugacy Classes of Coxeter Elements
Matthew Macauley, Henning S. Mortveit
2007-37   ArXiv.Abstract Entropy Functionals, Sobolev Inequalities and ?-Noncollapsing Estimates along the Ricci Flow
Rugang Ye
2007-36   ArXiv.Abstract Sobolev Inequalities, Riesz Transforms and the Ricci Flow
Rugang Ye
2007-35   ArXiv.Abstract The Log Entropy Functional Along the Ricci Flow
Rugang Ye
2007-34   ArXiv.Abstract The logarithmic Sobolev inequality along the Ricci flow: the case ?0(g0)=0
Rugang Ye
2007-33   ArXiv.Abstract The logarithmic Sobolev inequality along the Ricci flow in dimension 2
Rugang Ye
2007-32   ArXiv.Abstract The logarithmic Sobolev inequality along the Ricci flow
Rugang Ye
2007-31   Acrobat Theoretical Framework for Microscopic Osmotic Phenomena
Paul J. Atzberger and Peter R. Kramer
2007-30   Acrobat A Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Dynamics at Microscopic Length Scales
Atzberger, P.J., Kramer, P.R., and Peskin, C.S.
2007-29   Acrobat On Generalized Periodic-like Rings
Howard E. Bell and Adil Yaqub
2007-28   Acrobat Spectral Geometry and Asymptotically Conic Convergence
Julie Marie Rowlett
2007-27   ArXiv.Abstract Boring split links and unknots
Scott Taylor
2007-26   Acrobat Finding fibre faces in finite covers
D. D. Long and A. W. Reid
2007-25   ArXiv.Abstract Meridional Almost Normal Surfaces in Knot Complements
Robin T Wilson
2007-24   Acrobat Polynomial optimization on odd dimensional spheres
John P. d'Angelo and Mihai Putinar
2007-23   ArXiv.Abstract D-branes and Normal Functions
David R. Morrison and Johannes Walcher
2007-22   ArXiv.Abstract Cycle Equivalence of Graph Dynamical Systems
Matthew Macauley and Henning S. Mortveit
2007-21   Acrobat A Generalization of Boolean Rings
Adil Yaqub
2007-20   Acrobat Quadrature domains and polarizable twistor D-modules
Gabriela Putinar
2007-19   ArXiv.Abstract A Note On The Kadison-Singer Problem
Charles A. Akemann, Betul Tanbay, and Ali Ulger
2007-18   ArXiv.Abstract Semiclassical Limits of Quantum Affine Spaces
K. R. Goodearl and E. S. Letzter
2007-17   ArXiv.Abstract The Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence and a Gel'fand-Kirillov problem for Poisson polynomial algebras
K. R. Goodearl and S. Launois
2007-16   ArXiv.Abstract Order Independence in Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Matthew Macauley, Jon McCammond, and Henning S. Mortveit
2007-15   ArXiv.Abstract Comparison Geometry for the Bakry-Emery Ricci Tensor
Guofang Wei and Will Wylie
2007-14   ArXiv.Abstract Pure states on free group C*-algebras
Charles Akemann and Nik Weaver
2007-13   ArXiv.Abstract Classically normal pure states
Charles Akemann and Nik Weaver
2007-12   ArXiv.Abstract The Thurston norm via Normal Surfaces
Daryl Cooper and Stephan Tillmann
2007-11   ArXiv.Abstract Surface Operators and Knot Homologies
Sergei Gukov
2007-10   ArXiv.Abstract Link Homologies and the Refined Topological Vertex
Sergei Gukov, Amer Iqbal, Can Kozcaz, and Cumrun Vafa
2007-09   ArXiv.Abstract The Cut-off Covering Spectrum
Christina Sormani and Guofang Wei
2007-08   ArXiv.Abstract Dimensional Duality
Daniel Green, Albion Lawrence, John McGreevy, David R. Morrison, and Eva Silverstein
2007-07   Acrobat Measures with zeros in their inverse moment matrix
John W. Helton, Jean-Bernard Lasserre, Mihai Putinar
2007-06   Acrobat Positive polynomials on projective limits of real algebraic varieties
Salma Kuhlmann and Mihai Putinar
2007-05   ArXiv.Abstract A Neumann Type Maximum Principle for the Laplace Operator on Compact Riemannian Manifolds
Guofang Wei aqnd Rugang Ye
2007-04   Acrobat Heegaard genus and Property ? for hyperbolic 3-manifolds
D. D. Long, A. Lubotzky, and A. W. Reid
2007-03   CDLIB.Abstract An ODE Model of the Motion of Pelagic Fish
Bjorn Birnir
2007-02   CDLIB.Abstract Derivation of the Viscous Moore-Greitzer Equation for Aeroengine Flow
Bjorn Birnir, Songming Hou, and Niklas Wellander
2007-01   Acrobat Total Curvature and Total Torsion of Knotted Polymers
Patrick Plunkett, Michael Piatek, Akos Dobay, John C. Kern, Kenneth C. Millett, Andrzej Stasiak, and Eric Rawdon



2006-55   ArXiv.Abstract On the l-Function and the Reduced volume of Perelman II
Rugang Ye
2006-54   ArXiv.Abstract On the l-Function and the Reduced Volume of Perelman I
Rugang Ye
2006-53   ArXiv.Abstract Shocks in the Evolution of an Eroding Channel
Edward Welsh , Bjorn Birnir, and Andrea L. Bertozzi
2006-52   ArXiv.Abstract Gauge Theory, Ramification, And The Geometric Langlands Program
Sergei Gukov, Edward Witten
2006-51   ArXiv.Abstract Manifolds with A Lower Ricci Curvature Bound
Guofang Wei
2006-50   ArXiv.Abstract Hitchin-Thorpe Inequality for Noncompact Einstein 4-Manifolds
Xianzhe Dai and Guofang Wei
2006-49   Acrobat Reconstruction of algebraic domains from dynamic moments
Gabriela Putinar and Mihai Putinar
2006-48   Acrobat Asymptotics for extremal moments and monodromy of complex singularities
Gabriela Putinar
2006-47   Acrobat Selected topics on quadrature domains
Bjorn Gustafsson and Mihai Putinar
2006-46   Acrobat Semi-local micro-differential theory and computations of moments of semi-algebraic domains
Gabriela Putinar
2006-45   Acrobat Global existence for 3D incompressible isotropic elastodynamics
T. Sideris and B. Thomases
2006-44   Acrobat Dispersive estimates for solutions of multi-dimensional isotropic symmetric hyperbolic systems
T. Sideris
2006-43   Acrobat Local energy decay for solutions of multi-dimensional isotropic symmetric hyperbolic systems
T. Sideris and B. Thomases
2006-42   Acrobat Positive polynomials in scalar and matrix variables, the spectral theorem and optimization
J.W.Helton and M. Putinar
2006-41   Acrobat Minimal genus problem: New approach
Mohamed Aït Nouh
2006-40   Acrobat Geometric types of twisted knots
Mohamed Aït-Nouh, Daniel Matignon and Kimihiko Motegi
2006-39   Acrobat Twisted unknots
Mohamed Aït Nouh, Daniel Matignon, Kimihiko Motegi
2006-38   Acrobat Obtaining graph knots by twisting unknots
Mohamed Aït Nouh, Daniel Matignon, Kimihiko Motegi
2006-37   Acrobat On the virtual Betti numbers of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds
D. Cooper, D. D. Long and A. W. Reid
2006-36   Acrobat Geodesics and commensurability classes of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds
T. Chinburg, E. Hamilton, D. D. Long and A. W. Reid
2006-35   ArXiv.Abstract Existence of minimal models for varieties of log general type
Caucher Birkar, Paolo Cascini, Christopher D. Hacon, James McKernan
2006-34   ArXiv.Abstract Not all pure states on B(H) are diagonalizable
Charles Akemann, Nik Weaver
2006-33   ArXiv.Abstract D-branes at Singularities, Compactification, and Hypercharge
Matthew Buican, Dmitry Malyshev, David R. Morrison, Herman Verlinde, Martijn Wijnholt
2006-32   ArXiv.Abstract Persistence Properties and Unique Continuation of solutions of the Camassa-Holm equation
A. Alexandrou Himonas, Gerard Misiolek, Gustavo Ponce, Yong Zhou
2006-31   ArXiv.Abstract On uniqueness properties of solutions of the k-generalized KdV equations
Luis Escauriaza, Carlos E. Kenig, Gustavo Ponce, Luis Vega
2006-30   Acrobat Global weak solutions of the periodic Hunter-Saxton equation
Jonatan Lenells
2006-29   Acrobat A Practical Splitting Method for Stiff SDEs with Applications to Problems with Small Noise
Hector D. Ceniceros and George O. Mohler
2006-28   Acrobat Derivation of the Aronsson equation for C1 Hamiltonians
Michael G. Crandall, Changyou Wang, and Yifeng Yu
2006-27   Acrobat Uniqueness of ∞-harmonic functions and the eikonal equation
Michael G. Crandall, Gunnar Gunnarsson, and Peiyong Wang
2006-26   Acrobat A visit with the ∞-Laplace equation
Michael G. Crandall
2006-25 Acrobat postscript Group orbits and regular partitions of Poisson manifolds
Jiang-Hua Lu and Milen Yakimov
2006-24 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Uniqueness of bridge surfaces for 2-bridge knots
Martin Scharlemann and Maggy Tomova
2006-23   ArXiv.Abstract Solvable matrix groups & the Burnside problem
Seymour Bachmuth
2006-22 Acrobat postscript A Deodhar type stratification on the double flag variety
Ben Webster and Milen Yakimov
2006-21   Acrobat Growth of energy in minimal surface bubbles
John Douglas Moore
2006-20   Acrobat Nondegeneracy of coverings of minimal tori and Klein bottles in Riemannian manifolds
John Douglas Moore
2006-19   Acrobat Self-intersections of closed parametrized minimal surface in generic Riemannian manifolds
John Douglas Moore
2006-18   Acrobat Bumpy metrics and closed parametrized minimal surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
John Douglas Moore
2006-17 ArXiv.Abstract postscript Homology and Homfly
Stephen Bigelow
2006-16   ArXiv.Abstract Alternating Augmentations of Links
Ryan Blair
2006-15 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Conway products and links with multiple bridge surfaces
Martin Scharlemann and Maggy Tomova
2006-14 Acrobat postscript Partitions of the wonderful group compactification
Jiang-Hua Lu and Milen Yakimov
2006-13   ArXiv.Abstract Three-manifolds, virtual homology, and group determinants
Daryl Cooper and Genevieve S. Walsh
2006-12 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Refilling meridians in a genus 2 handlebody complement
Martin Scharlemann
2006-11   ArXiv.Abstract On non-compact Heegaard splittings
Scott Taylor
2006-10 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Generalized Property R and the Schoenflies Conjecture
Martin Scharlemann
2006-9   ArXiv.Abstract On the existence of flips
Christopher Hacon and James McKernan
2006-8   ArXiv.Abstract Covering spaces of arithmetic 3-orbifolds
Marc Lackenby, Darren D. Long and Alan W. Reid
2006-7 Acrobat postscript An introduction to Garside structures
Jon McCammond
2006-6 Acrobat postscript Non-commutative Groebner bases for the commutator ideal
Susan Hermiller and Jon McCammond
2006-5   Acrobat The integral homology of the group of loops
Craig Jensen, Jon McCammond and John Meier
2006-4   Acrobat On hermitian polynomial optimization
Mihai Putinar
2006-3   Acrobat Remarks on restriction eigenfunctions in Cn
Gabriela Putinar and Mihai Putinar
2006-2   Acrobat On Poincare's variational problem in potential theory
Dmitry Khavinson, Mihai Putinar and Harold S. Shapiro
2006-1   Acrobat Computing varieties of representations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds into SL(4,ℜ)
D. Cooper, D. Long and M. Thistlethwaite



2005-32   ArXiv.Abstract Curvature Estimates for the Ricci Flow II
Rugang Ye
2005-31   ArXiv.Abstract Curvature Estimates for the Ricci Flow I
Rugang Ye
2005-30 Acrobat postscript LC-functions and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons
2005-29   Acrobat A group without big tiles
Azer Akhmedov
2005-28 Acrobat postscript Positive sets and monotone sets
Stephen Simons
2005-27 Acrobat postscript The Hahn-Banach-Lagrange theorem
Stephen Simons
2005-26 Acrobat postscript The Fitzpatrick function and nonreflexive spaces
Stephen Simons
2005-25 Acrobat postscript Dualized and scaled Fitzpatrick functions
Stephen Simons
2005-24 Acrobat postscript Fenchel duality, Fitzpatrick functions and the Kirszbraun--Valentine extension theorem
Simeon Reich and Stephen Simons
2005-23 Acrobat postscript Fitzpatrick functions and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons and Constantin Zalinescu
2005-22   ArXiv.Abstract A Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence for Poisson algebras with torus actions
K. R. Goodearl
2005-21   ArXiv.Abstract Homological properties of quantized coordinate rings of semisimple groups
K. R. Goodearl and J. J. Zhang
2005-20   Acrobat Global existence for 3D incompressible isotropic elastodynamics
Tom Sideris and Becca Thomases
2005-19   Acrobat Local energy decay for solutions of multi-dimensional isotropic symmetric hyperbolic systems
Tom Sideris and Becca Thomases
2005-18 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Spectral scales and linear pencils
Christopher M. Pavone
2005-17   Acrobat On multivariable Fejer inequalities
Linda J. Patton and Mihai Putinar
2005-16   ArXiv.Abstract Poisson structures on affine spaces and flag varieties. II. General case
K. R. Goodearl and M. Yakimov
2005-15   ArXiv.Abstract Polygonal knot space near ropelength-minimized knots
Kenneth C. Millett, Michael Piatek, and Eric J. Rawdon
2005-14   ArXiv.Abstract The Closed-Point Zariski Topology for Irreducible Representations
K. R. Goodearl and E. S. Letzter
2005-13   ArXiv.Abstract A Combination Theorem for Convex Hyperbolic Manifolds, with Applications to Surfaces in 3-Manifolds
Mark Baker and Daryl Cooper
2005-12   Acrobat Notes on the Deuring-Heilbronn Phenomenon
Jeffrey Stopple
2005-11 postscript Acrobat Variational principles for symmetric bilinear forms
Jeffrey Danciger, Stephan Ramon Garcia and Mihai Putinar
2005-10   postscript Braid groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras
Stephen Bigelow
2005-9   Acrobat Fast LU decomposition for operators with hierarchically semiseparable structure
W. Lyons, S. Chandrasekaran and M. Gu
2005-8 DVI Acrobat Conjugation and Clark Operators
Stephan Ramon Garcia
2005-7   ArXiv.Abstract Commutation relations for arbitrary quantum minors
K. R. Goodearl
2005-6   Acrobat Lecture notes on generalized Heegaard splittings
Toshio Saito, Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens
2005-5   Acrobat Fast Algorithms for Spectral Collocation with Non-Periodic Boundary Conditions
W. Lyons, H. D. Ceniceros, S. Chandrasekaran and M. Gu
2005-4   Acrobat Universal Characteristics of Polygonal Knot Probabilities
Kenneth C. Millett and Eric J. Rawdon
2005-3   ArXiv.Abstract Poisson structures on affine spaces and flag varieties. I. Matrix affine Poisson space
K. A. Brown, K. R. Goodearl, M. Yakimov
2005-2 DVI Acrobat Complex Symmetric Operators and Applications II
Stephan Ramon Garcia and Mihai Putinar
2005-1   Acrobat Norm Estimates of Complex Symmetric Operators Applied to Quantum Systems
Stephan Ramon Garcia, Emil Prodan and Mihai Putinar



2004-38 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Alternate Heegaard genus bounds distance
Martin Scharlemann and Maggy Tomova
2004-37   Acrobat Describing the Universal Cover of a Compact Limit
John Ennis and Guofang Wei
2004-36 Acrobat postscript Triangular Poisson structures on Lie groups and symplectic reduction
Timothy J. Hodges and Milen Yakimov
2004-35   ArXiv.Abstract Virtually Haken fillings and semi-bundles
Daryl Cooper and Genevieve Walsh
2004-34   Acrobat Tying down open knots: a statistical method for identifying open knots with applications to proteins
Kenneth C. Millett and Benjamin M Sheldon
2004-33   Acrobat Extension of Spectral Scales to Unbounded Operators I
Michael D. Wills
2004-32   Acrobat Hausdorff Distance and Convex Sets
Michael D. Wills
2004-31   ArXiv.Abstract Semilattices of groups and inductive limits of Cuntz algebras
K. R. Goodearl, E. Pardo, F. Wehrung
2004-30   Acrobat On Graph Associations
Landon W. Rabern
2004-29 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Proximity in the curve complex: boundary reduction and bicompressible surfaces
Martin Scharlemann
2004-28 Acrobat postscript The Euler characteristic of the Whitehead automorphism group of a free product
C. Jensen, Jon McCammond, and J. Meier
2004-27 Acrobat postscript On a set of double cosets in reductive algebraic groups
Jiang-Hua Lu and Milen Yakimov
2004-26 Acrobat postscript The prolate spheroidal phenomenon as a consequence of bispectrality
F. Alberto Grünbaum and Milen Yakimov
2004-25 Acrobat postscript Affine Jacquet functors and Harish-Chandra categories
Milen Yakimov
2004-24 Acrobat postscript Categories of modules over an affine Kac--Moody algebra and the Kazhdan--Lusztig tensor product
Milen Yakimov
2004-23   postscript Homological representations of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra
Stephen Bigelow
2004-22 DVI Acrobat The Backward Shift on Dirichlet-type Spaces
Stephan Ramon Garcia
2004-21   ArXiv.Abstract A Note on Positive Energy Theorem for Spaces with Asymptotic SUSY Compactification
Xianzhe Dai
2004-20   Acrobat A Fast and Stable Adaptive Solver for Hierarchically Semi-separable Representations
S. Chandrasekaran, M. Gu, and W. Lyons
2004-19   postscript Notes on 2-Dimensional kappa-Solutions
Rick Ye
2004-18   postscript Notes on the Reduced Volume and Asymptotic Ricci Solitons of kappa Solutions
Rick Ye
2004-17   Acrobat Notes on generalized lemniscates
Mihai Putinar
2004-16   postscript Global existence for 3d incompressible and isotropic elastodynamics via the incompressible limit
T. Sideris and B. Thomases
2004-15   ArXiv.Abstract On the asymptotic expansion of Bergman kernel
Xianzhe Dai, Kefeng Liu, and Xiaonan Ma
2004-14 Acrobat postscript A new version of the Hahn-Banach theorem (continued)
Stephen Simons
2004-13 Acrobat postscript Hahn-Banach theorems and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons
2004-12 Acrobat postscript A new proof for Rockafellar's characterization of maximal monotone operators
Stephen Simons and Constantin Zalinescu
2004-11   ArXiv.Abstract Compressing thin spheres in the complement of a link
Maggy Tomova
2004-10   ArXiv.Abstract A Characterization of Short Curves of a Teichmuller Geodesic
Kasra Rafi
2004-9 Acrobat postscript Constructing non-positively curved spaces and groups
Jon McCammond
2004-8 Acrobat postscript The length spectrum of a compact constant curvature complex is discrete
Noel Brady and Jon McCammond
2004-7   Acrobat Positivity aspects of the Fantappie transform
John McCarthy and Mihai Putinar
2004-6 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat On the additivity of knot width
Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
2004-5 DVI Acrobat A *-closed subalgebra of the Smirnov class
Stephan Ramon Garcia
2004-4   ArXiv.Abstract The complete dimension theory of partially ordered systems with equivalence and orthogonality
K. R. Goodearl and F. Wehrung
2004-3 DVI Acrobat Complex symmetric operators and applications
Stephan Ramon Garcia and Mihai Putinar
2004-2 DVI Acrobat Conjugation, the Backward Shift, and Toeplitz Kernels
Stephan Ramon Garcia
2004-1   published Large embedded balls and Heegaard genus in negative curvature
David Bachman, Daryl Cooper and Matthew E. White



2003-34   ArXiv.Abstract Consistency of a counterexample to Naimark's problem
Charles Akemann and Nik Weaver
2003-33   published Real outer functions
Stephan Ramon Garcia and Donald Sarason
2003-32   ArXiv.Abstract On the Stability of Riemannian Manifold with Parallel Spinors
Xianzhe Dai, Xiaodong Wang, Guofang Wei
2003-31   Acrobat Euler, the symmetric group, and the Riemann zeta function
Jeffrey Stopple
2003-30   ArXiv.Abstract Simplicity of noncommutative Dedekind domains
K.R. Goodearl and J.T. Stafford
2003-29   ArXiv.Abstract Knot mutation: 4-genus of knots and algebraic concordance
Se-Goo Kim and Charles Livingston
2003-28   Acrobat Non-negative hereditary polynomials in a free *-algebra
J. William Helton, Scott A. McCullough, Mihai Putinar
2003-27   ArXiv.Abstract Stable rank of corner rings
P. Ara and K. R. Goodearl
2003-26   Acrobat Linear analysis of quadrature domains.IV
Bjorn Gustafsson and Mihai Putinar
2003-25   Acrobat Matrix representations for positive noncommutative polynomials
J.William Helton, Scott A. McCullough and Mihai Putinar
2003-24 Acrobat postscript Locally quasiconvex small-cancellation groups
Jon McCammond and Dani Wise
2003-23   ArXiv.Abstract A Positive Mass Theorem for Spaces with Asymptotic SUSY Compactification
Xianzhe Dai
2003-22 Acrobat postscript Windmills and extreme 2-cells
Jon McCammond and Dani Wise
2003-21 Acrobat postscript The hypertree poset and the l2-Betti numbers of the motion group of the trivial link
Jon McCammond and John Meier
2003-20 Acrobat postscript Noncrossing partitions in surprising locations
Jon McCammond
2003-19 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Thin position in the theory of classical knots
Martin Scharlemann
2003-18   Acrobat Radical Endomorphisms of Decomposable Modules
Julius M. Zelmanowitz
2003-17   Acrobat A Tour of the Theory of Absolutely Minimizing Functions
G. Aronsson, M. Crandall and P. Juutinen
2003-16   ArXiv.Abstract Fractional skew monoid rings
P. Ara, M.A. Gonzalez-Barroso, K.R. Goodearl, and E. Pardo
2003-15 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Surfaces, submanifolds, and aligned Fox reimbedding in non-Haken 3-manifolds
Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
2003-14 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Automorphisms of the 3-sphere preserving a genus two Heegaard splitting
Martin Scharlemann
2003-13   Acrobat Branch points and bumpy metrics for parametrized minimal spheres and tori
John Douglas Moore
2003-12   ArXiv.Abstract Odlyzko-Schonage algorithm in conductor aspect
Jeffrey Stopple
2003-11   Acrobat A renormalized Riesz potential and applications
Mihai Putinar
2003-10 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat 3-manifolds with planar presentations and the width of satellite knots
Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens
2003-9   Acrobat Study of long-time dynamics of a viscous vortex sheet with a fully adaptive non-stiff method
Hector D. Ceniceros and Alexandre M. Roma
2003-8   ArXiv.Abstract Quantized coinvariants at transcendental q
K. R. Goodearl and T. H. Lenagan
2003-7   postscript On unique continuation of solutions to the generalized KdV equations
Carlos E. Kenig, Gustavo Ponce, and Luis Vega
2003-6   postscript On the initial value problem for the one dimensional quasilinear Schrodinger equation
Wee-Keong Lim and Gustavo Ponce
2003-5   postscript On unique continuation for the nonlinear Schrodinger equations
Carlos E. Kenig, Gustavo Ponce, and Luis Vega
2003-4   Acrobat A non-commutative Positivstellensatz on isometries
John W. Helton, Scott McCullough, Mihai Putinar
2003-3   postscript Long Time Behavior of Solutions to the 3D Compressible Euler Equations with Damping
T. Sideris, B. Thomases, and D. Wang
2003-2   Acrobat Negligible Subsets in the space of Homeomorphisms
Raymond Y Wong
2003-1   Acrobat A Hilbert space approach to bounded analytic extension in the ball
Daniel Alpay, Mihai Putinar and Victor Vinnikov



2002-18   Acrobat Surface subgroups of Coxeter and Artin groups
C. McA. Gordon, D. D. Long and A. W. Reid
2002-17 Acrobat postscript On braided tensor categories of type BCD
Imre Tuba and Hans Wenzl
2002-16   ArXiv.Abstract Quantized coordinate rings and related noetherian algebras
K. R. Goodearl
2002-15   Acrobat Definite quadratic forms over Fq[x]
Larry J. Gerstein
2002-14   Acrobat Non-commutative sums of squares
Scott McCullough and Mihai Putinar
2002-13   Acrobat Privilege on strictly convex domains
Mihai Putinar and Sebastian Sandberg
2002-12   Acrobat Problems in the geometry of submanifolds
John Douglas Moore
2002-11   Acrobat Computation of Multiphase Systems with Phase Field Models
V. E. Badalassi, H. D. Ceniceros and S. Banerjee
2002-10   Acrobat Topological Reconfiguration in Expanding Hele-Shaw Flow
H. D. Ceniceros and J. M. Villalobos
2002-9   Acrobat The Effects of Surfactants on the Evolution and Formation of Capillary Waves
Hector D. Ceniceros
2002-8   Acrobat A skew normal dilation on the numerical range of an operator
Mihai Putinar and Sebastian Sandberg
2002-7   ArXiv.Abstract The Spectral Scale and the Numerical Range
Charles A. Akemann and Joel Anderson
2002-6   postscript Universal Covers for Hausdorff Limits of Noncompact Spaces
Christina Sormani and Guofang Wei
2002-5   ArXiv.Abstract Period three actions on the three-sphere
Joseph Maher and J. Hyam Rubinstein
2002-4 Acrobat postscript A new minimax theorem and a perturbed James's theorem
Manuel Ruiz Galan and Stephen Simons
2002-3   ArXiv.Abstract Multi-Model Cantor Sets
Elizabeth Cockerill
2002-2   ArXiv.Abstract On Algebraic Hyperbolicity of Log Varieties
Xi Chen
2002-1 Acrobat postscript A new version of the Hahn-Banach theorem
Stephen Simons



2001-29   ArXiv.Abstract Winding-invariant prime ideals in quantum 3 by 3 matrices
K. R. Goodearl and T. H. Lenagan
2001-28   ArXiv.Abstract The prime and primitive spectra of multiparameter quantum symplectic and euclidean spaces
Karen Horton
2001-27   ArXiv.Abstract K0 of purely infinite simple regular rings
K.R. Goodearl and E. Pardo
2001-26   ArXiv.Abstract The homology of string algebras I
B. Huisgen-Zimmermann and S.O. Smalo
2001-25   ArXiv.Abstract Thinning genus two Heegaard spines in S3
Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
2001-24   ArXiv.Abstract Prime ideals invariant under winding automorphisms in quantum matrices
K.R. Goodearl and T.H. Lenagan
2001-23   Acrobat The exponential transform: a renormalized Riesz potential at critical exponent
Bjorn Gustafsson and Mihai Putinar
2001-22   Acrobat On the Topology of the Character Variety of a Free Group
Stuart Bratholdt and Daryl Cooper
2001-21   ArXiv.Abstract The Goda-Teragaito Conjecture: an overview
Martin Scharlemann
2001-20   Acrobat On isometric Lagrangian immersions
John Douglas Moore and Jean-Marie Morvan
2001-19   Acrobat Euler Characters and Submanifolds of Constant Positive Curvature
John Douglas Moore
2001-18 Acrobat postscript Solutions of Multidimensional Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
by Square Entropy Condition Satisfying Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

Songming Hou and Xu-Dong Liu
2001-17   postscript Metrics of positive Ricci curvature on bundles
Igor Belegradek and Guofang Wei
2001-16   Acrobat Restriction operators, balayage and doubly orthogonal systems of analytic functions
Bjørn Gustafsson, Mihai Putinar and Harold S. Shapiro
2001-15   Acrobat On bounded analytic extension in Cn
Joerg Eschmeier and Mihai Putinar
2001-14   postscript A semi-implicit moving mesh method for the focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation.
Hector D. Ceniceros
2001-13   ArXiv.Abstract The Spectral Scale and the k-Numerical Range
Charles A. Akemann and Joel Anderson
2001-12   ArXiv.Abstract Eta Invariant and Conformal Cobordism
Xianzhe Dai
2001-11 Acrobat postscript Excesses, duality gaps and weak compactness
Stephen Simons
2001-10 Acrobat postscript The conjugates, compositions and marginals of convex functions
Simon Fitzpatrick and Stephen Simons
2001-9   ArXiv.Abstract Automatic convexity
Charles Akemann and Nik Weaver
2001-8   ArXiv.Abstract Geometric characterizations of some classes of operators in C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras
Charles Akemann and Nik Weaver
2001-7   ArXiv.Abstract There are no unexpected tunnel number one knots of genus one
Martin Scharlemann
2001-6   ArXiv.Abstract An index theorem for Toeplitz operators on odd dimensional manifolds with boundary
Xianzhe Dai and Weiping Zhang
2001-5 Acrobat postscript An Investigation of Polygonal Knot Spaces and Ideal Physical Knot Configurations
Kenneth C. Millett
2001-4   ArXiv.Abstract On Algebraic Hyperbolicity of Log Surfaces
Xi Chen
2001-3   ArXiv.Abstract A Hopf bifurcation with a strong incommensurate frequency response in quantum wells
Adriano A. Batista, Bjorn Birnir and Pablo I.Tamborenea
2001-2   postscript Metrics of positive Ricci curvature on vector bundles over nilmanifolds
Igor Belegradek and Guofang Wei
2001-1   ArXiv.Abstract Geometry of chain complexes and outer automorphisms under derived equivalence
Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann and Manuel Saorin



2000-36 Acrobat postscript Five kinds of maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons
2000-35   ArXiv.Abstract Basic Dynamical Systems Control of Aeroengine Flow
Bjorn Birnir and Hoskuldur A. Hauksson
2000-34   Acrobat A remark on infinity harmonic functions
M. G. Crandall and L. C. Evans
2000-33   Acrobat Optimal Lipschitz extensions and the infinity Laplacian
M. G. Crandall, L. C. Evans, and R. F. Gariepy
2000-32   Acrobat Heegaard reducing spheres for the 3-sphere
Martin Scharlemann
2000-31   ArXiv.Abstract A simple proof that rational curves on K3 are nodal
Xi Chen
2000-30   ArXiv.Abstract On the intersection of two plane curves
Xi Chen
2000-29   ArXiv.Abstract A geometric spectral theory for n-tuples of self-adjoint operators in a finite von Neumann algebra: II
Charles A. Akemann and Joel Anderson
2000-28 Acrobat postscript Energy, ropelength, and other physical aspects of equilateral knots
Kenneth C. Millett and Eric J. Rawdon
2000-27   postscript An efficient dynamically adaptive mesh for potentially singular solutions
H. D. Ceniceros and T. Y. Hou
2000-26   postscript Computation of axisymmetric suction flow through porous media in the presence of surface tension
H. D. Ceniceros and H. Si
2000-25   postscript A numerical study of the semi-classical limit of the focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation
H. D. Ceniceros and F-R. Tian
2000-24   ArXiv.Abstract Stark conjectures for CM curves over number fields
Jeffrey Stopple 
2000-23 Acrobat postscript Making Large Lectures Effective: An Effort to Increase Student Success
Kenneth C. Millett 
2000-22 Acrobat ArXiv.Abstract Unknotting tunnels and Seifert surfaces
Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
2000-21   ArXiv.Abstract Global Existence for Systems of Nonlinear Wave Equations in 3D with Multiple Speeds
Thomas C. Sideris and Shu-Yi Tu
2000-20   Acrobat Reconstructing planar domains from their moments
Björn Gustafsson, Chiyu He, Peyman Milanfar and M. Putinar
2000-19   Acrobat Shape reconstruction from moments: theory, algorithms, and applications
Peyman Milanfar, M. Putinar, James Varah, Björn Gustafsson and Gene Golub
2000-18   Acrobat The Friedrichs operator of a planar domain. II
M. Putinar and H.S. Shapiro
2000-17   Acrobat Root separation on generalized lemniscates
G. Putinar and M. Putinar
2000-16   Acrobat A diagonal Pade approximation in two complex variables
M. Putinar
2000-15   Acrobat A uniqueness criterion in the multivariable moment problem
M. Putinar and F.H. Vasilescu
2000-14   Acrobat Some remarks on spherical isometries
J. Eschmeier and M. Putinar
2000-13   ArXiv.Abstract On the support of solutions to the g-KdV equation  
Carlos E. Kenig, Gustavo Ponce and Luis Vega
2000-12 Acrobat postscript The scaling of fluvial landscapes
B. Birnir, T. R. Smith and G. E. Merchant
2000-11   ArXiv.Abstract Nonresonance and Global Existence of Prestressed Nonlinear Elastic Waves 
Thomas Sideris
2000-10   ArXiv.Abstract Hausdorff Convergence and Universal Covers 
Christina Sormani and Guofang Wei
2000-9   ArXiv.Abstract Locally Minimal Projections
Charles Akemann and Joel Anderson
2000-8   postscript The fundmental group of the double of the figure eight knot is GFERF
Darren Long and Alan Reid
2000-7   postscript All flat manifolds are boundaries of hyperbolic orbifolds
Darren Long and Alan Reid
2000-6   postscript On subgroup separability in hyperbolic Coxeter groups
Darren Long and Alan Reid
2000-5   published On the geometric boundaries of hyperbolic 4-manifolds
Darren Long and Alan Reid
2000-4   ArXiv.Abstract Regularity of projections Revisited
Charles Akemann and Søren Eilers
2000-3   ArXiv.Abstract Locally Nonconical Convexity
Charles Akemann, Glenn C. Shell, Nik Weaver
2000-2 Acrobat postscript Monte Carlo Explorations of Polygonal Knot Spaces
Kenneth C. Millett 
2000-1 Acrobat postscript Teoría de nudos geométricos e isotopía poligonal
Jorge Alberto Calvo 



1999-29   published Proceedings of the 1998 Kirbyfest
edited by Joel Hass and Martin Scharlemann
1999-28   ArXiv.Abstract Quantized primitive ideal spaces as quotients of affine algebraic varieties
K.R. Goodearl
1999-27   ArXiv.Abstract The first fundamental theorem of coinvariant theory for the quantum general linear group
K.R. Goodearl, T.H. Lenagan and L. Rigal
1999-26   Published Levelling an unknotting tunnel 
Hiroshi Goda, Martin Scharlemann and Abigail Thompson
1999-25   ArXiv.Abstract Essential meridional surfaces for tunnel number one knots
Mario Eudave-Muñoz
1999-24   ArXiv.Abstract The Bianchi groups are subgroup separable on geometrically finite subgroups.
Ian Agol, Darren D. Long and Alan W. Reid. 
1999-23 Acrobat postscript Maximal monotone multifunctions of Brondsted-Rockafellar type
Stephen Simons
1999-22   Acrobat Lp theory for fully nonlinear uniformly parabolic equations
M. Crandall, M. Kocan and A. Swiech
1999-21   Acrobat Existence results for boundary problems for uniformly elliptic and parabolic fully nonlinear equations 
M. Crandall, M. Kocan, P. L. Lions and A. Swiech
1999-20   Acrobat On Fully Nonlinear Uniformly Parabolic Equations 
M. Crandall, K. Fok, M. Kocan and A. Swiech
1999-19   ArXiv.Abstract The graded version of Goldie's Theorem
K. R. Goodearl and J. T. Stafford
1999-18 Acrobat postscript Stronger maximal monotonicity properties of linear operators
Heinz Bauschke and Stephen Simons
1999-17 Acrobat postscript Geometric Knot Spaces and Polygonal Isotopy
Jorge Alberto Calvo
1999-16   ArXiv.Abstract The tunnel number of the sum of n knots is at least n.
Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens
1999-15 Acrobat postscript The Embedding Space of Hexagonal Knots
Jorge Alberto Calvo
1999-14 Acrobat postscript Minimal Edge Piecewise Linear Knots
Jorge Alberto Calvo and Kenneth C. Millett
1999-13 Acrobat postscript Annuli in generalized Heegaard splittings and degeneration of tunnel number
Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens (with an appendix by Andrew Casson)
1999-12 Acrobat postscript On the pointwise maximum of convex functions 
Simon Fitzpatrick and Stephen Simons
1999-11   ArXiv.Abstract Analytic Torsion and R-Torsion for Manifolds with Boundary
Xianzhe Dai and Hao Fang
1999-10   ArXiv.Abstract Equivariant and Bott-type Seiberg-Witten Floer homology: Part II
Rugang Ye
1999-9   ArXiv.Abstract Equivariant and Bott-type Seiberg-Witten Floer homology: Part I
Guofang Wang and Rugang Ye
1999-8 Acrobat postscript Unbounded linear monotone operators on nonreflexive Banach spaces
Robert Phelps and Stephen Simons
1999-7 Acrobat postscript Minimax theorems 
Stephen Simons
1999-6 Acrobat postscript Techniques for maximal monotonicity 
Stephen Simons
1999-5 Acrobat postscript Minimax and monotonicity 
[Table of Contents and introduction for Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1693(1998)]
Stephen Simons
1999-4   ArXiv.Abstract A Heat Kernel Lower Bound for Integral Ricci Curvature 
Xianzhe Dai and Guofang Wei
1999-3   Acrobat Solving moment problems by dimensional extension 
Mihai Putinar and Florian H. Vasilescu
1999-2   Acrobat The Friedrichs operator of a planar domain 
Mihai Putinar and Harold S. Shapiro
1999-1   ArXiv.Abstract Virtually embedded boundary slopes
Joseph Maher



P-21   ArXiv.Abstract Foliation by Constant Mean Curvature Spheres on Asymptotically Flat Manifolds
Rugang Ye
P-20   ArXiv.Abstract On the geometry and topology of manifolds of positive bi-Ricci curvature
Ying Shen, Rugang Ye
P-19   ArXiv.Abstract Controlled Geometry via Smoothing
Peter Petersen, Guofang Wei, Rugang Ye
P-18   ArXiv.Abstract Smoothing Riemannian Metrics with Ricci Curvature Bounds
Xianzhe Dai, Guofang Wei, Rugang Ye
P-17 dvi postscript Prime ideals in certain quantum determinantal rings
Ken Goodearl and T.H. Lenagan
P-16 dvi postscript Periodic flat modules, and flat modules for finite groups
D. J. Benson and Ken Goodearl
P-15 dvi postscript Quantum n-space as a quotient of classical n-space
Ken Goodearl and E.S. Letzter
P-14   texfile A dilation theory approach to cubature formulas. II
Mihai Putinar
P-13 dvi ps Prime spectra of quantized coordinate rings
Ken Goodearl
P-11   texfile On Weyl spectrum in several variables
Mihai Putinar
P-10   postscript Crossing changes
Martin Scharlemann
P-9   texfile The generic local spectrum of any operator is the full spectrum
Bebe Prunaru and Mihai Putinar
P-8 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable 3- manifolds
Hyam Rubinstein and Martin Scharlemann
P-7 dvi postscript Representations of distributive semilattices by dimension groups, regular rings, C*-algebras, and complemented modular lattices
Ken Goodearl and F. Wehrung
P-6 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat Comparing Heegaard and JSJ structures of orientable 3-manifolds
Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens
P-5 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat The structure a solvmanifold's Heegaard splittings
Daryl Cooper and Martin Scharlemann
P-4 dvi postscript K1 of separative exchange rings and C*-algebras with real rank zero
P. Ara, Ken Goodearl, K.C. O'Meara, and R. Raphael
P-3 ArXiv.Abstract Acrobat How a strongly irreducible Heegaard splitting intersects a handlebody
Matt Jones and Martin Scharlemann
P-2   postscript Heegaard splittings of compact 3-manifolds
Martin Scharlemann
P-1 dvi postscript The Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence in quantum coordinate rings and quantized Weyl algebras
Ken Goodearl and E.S. Letzter