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An international team of mathematicians, led by UCSB Professor Björn Birnir, has published a complete mathematical description of boundary layer turbulence. The paper, published in the journal Physical Review Research, synthesizes decades of work on the topic to provide a mathematical formula describing the turbulance caused when flow of water, air, or other fluids interacts with a boundary such as a pipe wall or the surface of the earth. Boundary layer interactions are important to many scientific and engineering fields, from meteorology to optimizing the aerodynamics of cars and aircraft.

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The Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites applications for a pool of qualified temporary lecturers to teach undergraduate or graduate Mathematics courses. Screening of applicants is ongoing and will continue as needed. The number of positions varies from quarter to quarter, depending on the needs of the department. Positions may range from one quarter to one year with the possibility of reappointment depending on performance and further departmental need.
The successful applicant will be a broadly trained mathematician who is dedicated to teaching.
View this position online:
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VISITING POSITIONS: One or more special one-year visiting assistant professorships may be available, with possibility of renewal for additional years, up to three years in total. These positions carry a teaching load of 4.5 one- quarter courses per year. Excellence in research, potential for interaction with faculty at UC Santa Barbara and evidence of (or potential for) good teaching are desired.
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Congratulations to our Associate Professor, Xin Zhou, who is a invited speaker for the 2022 International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) at St. Petersburg, Russia.  The ICM is held every four years, equivalent to the Olympics for mathematics.
Prof. Zhou graduated from Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Rick Schoen in 2013.  He joined UCSB after three years at MIT as a Moore Instructor.  Prof. Zhou has made significant contributions in minimal surfaces and variational problems.  His recent work has resolved the Multiplicity One conjecture in the min-max theory of minimal surfaces.  He has also established the existence theory of constant mean curvature surfaces and the existence theory of minimal surfaces with free boundary.   His other honors include the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and NSF Career Award.  
See this link for the official announcement:
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