Department of Mathematics FAQs

How do I receive Undergraduate Advising through the Math Department?

Visit our Undergraduate page on our website for all undergraduate advising options. 


How do I contact my instructors and TAs?

You can find Instrucor and TA office hours on the About page of our website.


How do I change my major?

Visit our Change of Major page to view the Math departnent's policies and procdedures. 

On the Change of Major page, you will also find links to submit a change of major petition. 


Where can I find the Math Lab?

The Math lab is loacted in South Hall 1607.

Visit our Math Lab page for more information.


How do I crash a class?

Please visit our Registration and Waitlist Policies page for information on our Waitlist and Crashers List policy. 


How do I enroll in a graduate course if I am an undergrad?

1.     Email Danielle Nagy (Undergraduate Advisor) at a copy of your transcripts and let her know which grad courses you plan to register for. 

2.     Danielle will then send the form via DocuSign to you, the instructor, the Chair, and the Dean for approval.

3.     Once complete, the form will be automatically send to the Registrar's Office and you will receive a copy via email.