Information for Prospective Transfer Students

Whether you are still only considering transferring to UCSB, or you have already been admitted, there is much you can do now to smooth your transition and maximize your success upon arrival.   It's very important that you contact our Undergraduate Advisors as early as possible.  We are here to support you throughout your academic journey, starting with before you arrive to when you're finishing up your degree. So if you send in your unofficial transcript, we can evaluate your work and tell you what you have already completed, and what you still need to complete.  Our email address is

A brochure that gives a broad overview of the different mathematics majors is available here:
A Guide to Our Majors [PDF]

The pre-major requirements for each specific major are here:

There is a great deal of overlap between these, and you may change your mind later, but it is vital that you've made good progress towards at least one of the pre-majors above.

The UCSB Mathematics General Catalog gives full descriptions of all our courses; you can view it here:
UCSB Mathematics General Catalog

If you are attending a California Community College, you can see the equivalents of the courses here:

You can plan out your schedule using the Transfer Suggested Plan of Study. Our advisors can work with you to create a individualized plan that best works for you.

We strongly recommend that you complete as much of your pre-major as possible before transferring.  This is because of the 200 unit rule which says that 'Students who are admitted as juniors and remain continuously enrolled will be allowed 6 regular quarters at UCSB' i.e. you have two years to finish the degree.  In mathematics, unlike some other subject, most classes are linearly ordered, each one serving as prerequisite for the subsequent one.  Completing the degree in two years is not easy.

Math 8 - Introduction to Higher Mathematics, is one of the most crucial classes you will take for your major in Mathematics. After UCSB Math faculty reviewed syllabi from all California Community Colleges, it was determined that only a few community colleges offer a course that exactly matches UCSB’s Math 8. These community colleges are Diablo Valley College, Mount San Antonio College, Santa Barbara City College and Santa Rosa Junior College. Please use to find the Math 8 course equivalent at each of these colleges.

Most students take Math 8 at UCSB. For your convenience, Math 8 is offered every quarter including Summer Sessions.

It is best if you can finish Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Multivariable Calculus before you transfer.  You can review course outlines for MATH 4A, 4B, 6A and 6B here.

For general information about the transfer process, please check out the FAQs from the Transfer Student Center.

2023 Transfer Orientation Slides