The Math Lab

The Math Lab is a room staffed by graduate students devoted to assisting undergraduate students with their lower and upper division math homework.

The Math Lab is located on the first floor of South Hall (SH 1607). Help is offered on a question-by-question basis, there are no lectures or pre-determined topics. During the regular academic year the Math Lab is open for lower division courses M-F 12-5, and upper division M-TH 5-7. You can stop in anytime, including your TA's hours (see schedule below). Students are also welcome to use the space for personal study or group work.

A separate Math Lab is available for Math 8 on the 4th floor of South Hall (SH 4519). This lab is staffed by graduate students who are TA's for the course. The Math 8 Math Lab is not available during the summer.


Fall 2021 Math Lab Schedule