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April 22nd -- A day full of fun activities for female high-school students.

The UCSB AWM (Association of Women in Math) student chapter is organizing a full day of activities for female high-school students in the Ventura-Santa Barbara-Santa Maria area. The activities will include a panel with UCSB undergraduate and graduate students in different stem areas, a talk by a female mathematician, fun seminars lead by female scientists, a problem solving competition, lunch at the lagoon, and more.

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The Geometry and Analysis on Manifold conference (GAMSB17) will be held at the Department of Mathematics of University of California at Santa Barbara From April 7, 2017 to April 9, 2017. The lectures will be held in South Hall 6635.

Graduate students, fresh Ph.D.s and under-represented minorities are especially encouraged to join our meeting. Partial financial support is available.

The conference is supported by the Research Training Groups (RTG) in Topology and Geometry funded by the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and College of Letter and Science, University of California at Santa Barbara.


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Featuring talks by Christopher Connell, Indiana University, Bloomington; Raquel Perales, Institute of Mathematics, UNAM; and Pablo Surez Serrato, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

South Hall 6635 at 10:30 AM, Friday, February 17.


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If you are an undergraduate student and you like to work on challenging problems, come and do research with our faculty on some exciting mathematical problems next summer! For a full description of our program and for information on how to apply, please visit Applications are due February 5th, and the program runs from July 26 to August 18, 2017.

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Colloquia, Conferences, and Seminars