Important Information for Undergrads Regarding COVID-19

Mathematics Department COVID-19 FAQ

How do I contact my instructors and TAs?

You can find Instrucor and TA office hours on the About page of our website.


How do I contact the Mathematics Staff Advisors?

All staff members, including Staff Advisors, can be found on the People page of our website.

You can also visit the Undergraduate or Graduate pages for more Advising information.


Is Math Lab still available?

Yes, the Math Lab is still open via Zoom. Visit our Math Lab page for more information.


How do I change my major?

Fill out a Change of Major form and email it to

For more information about the Math department’s Change of Major policy, visit our Major and Minor Requirements page.


How do I crash a class?

You must add yourself to the waitlist of a course to be considered a crasher. You will also be required to fill out the Crasher’s List which is on a Google Form. All students on the waitlist will be emailed the Crasher’s List at the beginning of the quarter. The forms can also be found on our Registration and Waitlist Policies page.


Has the Math department opted into the P/NP policy for Spring 2020?

Yes, you are allowed to take any class towards your Math major for P/NP during Spring 2020. You have until the last day of instruction (June 5th) to change your grading policy on GOLD.

Although this is the case, we still strongly encourage all Math majors to take major classes for a letter grade if you will end up getting a C or higher. There are a couple reasons for this:

1.     Grad schools prefer students to have letter grades in their major courses.

2.     Classes taken for P/NP will not count towards your GPA. So it you are taking a pre-major class for P/NP, it will not count towards the 2.5 GPA needed to get into the full major. 

3.     P/NP classes taken in Spring 2020 will still count towards your overall units you are allowed to take P/NP. As a reminder, 2/3 of all coursework completed for your degree needs to be taken as a letter grade.


How do I enroll in a graduate course if I am an undergrad?

1.     Email Danielle Nagy (Undergraduate Advisor) at a copy of your transcripts and let her know which grad courses you plan to register for. 

2.     Danielle will then send the form via DocuSign to you, the instructor, the Chair, and the Dean for approval.

3.     Once complete, the form will be automatically send to the Registrar's Office and you will receive a copy via email.