UCSB Department of Mathematics

Non-Mathematics TA Request Form

This TA request form is for Non-Mathematics TAs

Applications for Fall, Winter and Spring employment consideration will begin July 28th, 2014 with a final deadline of September 15, 2014.

If you are on Academic Probation or On Leave during the quarter that you are applying for the TAship, you are not eligible for a TAship.
DO NOT fill out this application.
Please see the Staff Graduate Advisor in 6607 South Hall or email math-gradinfo@math.ucsb.edu with any questions.

Basic Student Information

Student name:
Include official first and last name, not a nickname
Student's e-mail address :
Must be a umail or UCSB departmental email address
What department are you in?
How many years have you been at UCSB?
Are you an MS or PhD student?

Teaching Assistant Training and Experience

Citizenship status?
    If non-U.S. citizen, are you from a non-English speaking country?
        If not English speaking,
          did you pass the English Language Placement Examination (ELPE)?
        If not English speaking,
          did you pass the TA oral Language Evaluation?
Have you completed the campus wide TA orientation?
Have you completed department TA training? In which department?
Math 501, TA Training is offered is offered Fall Quarter beginning Monday September 22, 2014. You are required to register for this course if you would like to TA during the academic year.
Have you taken and completed Math 501, a requirement to TA in our department?
Have you been a TA before?
How many TAships have you had within the UC system?
If you have had 12 or more TAships, a special approval needs to be made in order for you to TA.
If you have had 14-17 TAships, the Graduate Division Dean must approve your appointment.
You cannot TA over 18 quarters, per UC Policy.
Please list all relevant TA experience:
Are you applying for any TA positions this quarter other than in the Mathematics department?
If you are applying, in which departments?
Are you going to be hired in an additional position for the quarter for which you are applying?

Academic Information

Please list all Math classes
taken at the undergraduate and graduate level.
List courses taken, grades received and the
institution at which these classes were taken:
Are you currently or have you ever been on academic probation of any kind at UCSB?
If so, please explain:
Please paste in a resume including
completed and uncompleted degrees, and
final/current GPAs for each.
I need a:


Include your class schedule for quarter that you are applying for the TAship below.
Example: Math 205 MW 12-12:50PM:

Special circumstances to consider in making your TA assignment, such as health problems or family responsibilities:
Is it OK to contact you in future quarters if we are looking to hire out-of-department TAs?


If you decide that you are not interested in TAing in the Mathematics Department after submitting this application,
email the Graduate Advisor at math-gradinfo@math.ucsb.edu immediately.
Not doing so can negatively impact your future opportunities to TA with the Mathematics Department.

Please select this option indicating that you understand these terms.
I do NOT agree to these terms.

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