UCSB Department of Mathematics
Center for Mathematical Inquiry
Project DELTA Workshops 2006:
The Development of Number Sense in Grades K-8

The UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry is pleased to announce Project DELTA Workshops for Winter and Spring 2006. These full-day workshops will enable participants to study a single classroom topic in depth using a lesson study approach. DELTA stands for Digital Environments for Learning and Teaching Arithmetic/Algebra. As this indicates participants will work with Center staff and examine video of classroom discussions, students discussing their thinking, and written work using interactive CDROM.

The videos bring the context of K-8 classrooms to the fingertips of participants for inquiry and examination. At each workshop, a single lesson will be studied in depth during the morning, and then in the afternoon participants will consider "mini-lessons" that help build and solidify the concepts and skills developed in the lesson. Discussion will focus on student thinking, how understanding is developed, and how context and representation influences their development. The materials are not linked to any specific texts or curriculum and instead focus on big ideas and landmark strategies students need to succeed. Participants will receive a CD-ROM and an accompanying book so they can continue to examine them at home and continue discussions with their colleagues.

Six Saturday workshops are scheduled and participants can select one, two, or more according to their needs. There is no cost for attending the workshops. The expense of running the workshops, at approximately $100 per person is covered by a grant from the Educational Advancement Foundation. Post-graduate credit is also available through UCSB Extension, and for this, participants will have to attend a pair of workshops as explained below.

Workshop # 1 (Saturday January 21): Using the Context of Inventory to Develop Place Value and Mini-lessons to Strengthen Number Sense, Addition, and Subtraction, Grades K-2.

Workshop # 2 (Saturday February 11): Using a Measurement Context to Develop the Number Line and Mini-lessons to Develop Addition and Subtraction Strategies and Models, Grades 1-3

Workshop # 3 (Saturday February 25): Using a Pricing Context to Develop Multiplication Concepts and Mini-lessons to Develop Multiplication Strategies and Models, Grades 3-4

Workshop # 4 (Saturday March 11): Using the Context of an Array to Develop Division and Mini-lessons to Develop Division Strategies and Models, Grades 3-5

Workshop # 5 (Saturday April 29): Using the Context of Fair Shares to Develop Fraction Concepts and Mini-lessons to Develop Strategies and Models for Calculation, Grades 4-7

Workshop # 6 (Saturday May 20): Using a Best-Buy Context to Develop the Ratio Table for Multiplication, Division, and Fractions and Mini-lessons to Develop Strategies and Models for Computation with Fractions, Grades 5-8

All Workshops run 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and will be held at UCSB in Trailer 940. Each workshop will be limited to 16 participants. There will be an hour break for lunch (provided.) By participating in three workshops, participants can receive 20 hours professional development for NCLB requirements. AB 466 participants can obtain follow-up hours through participation in the workshops. No stipends will be available for these workshops.

UCSB Extension Credit: Participants who would like to receive 1-quarter unit of post-graduate credit should enroll in a pair of workshops as indicated below. The fee (required by UCSB Extension) to receive the 1 quarter-unit credit is $45. Credit is not available for attending a single workshop, although participants are welcome to attend only one (without credit).
  • Teachers in grades K-3 interested in a focus on Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction would enroll in Workshops #1 and #2.

  • Teachers in grades 3-5 interested in a focus on Multiplication and Division would enroll in Workshops #3 and #4.

  • Teachers in grades 5-8 interested in a focus on Fractions, Decimals, and Percents would enroll in Workshops #5 and #6.

To Enroll: Please send in the attached form. We will send confirmation and further information. Since space is limited, please do not enroll unless you are certain you will be able to attend. If you are enrolling in two workshops for UCSB Extension post-graduate credit we will have the forms available for you at the first meeting.

Application Deadlines:
      For January 21 and February 11: January 9
      For February 25 and March 11: February 6
      For April 29 and May 20: April 7

      Bill Jacob (UCSB)
      John Siegfried (UCSB)
      Jerry Chiu (Santa Barbara School District)

For more information contact
Bill Jacob, Professor of Mathematics, UCSB
Mathematics Dept., UCSB Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 967-7325

This project is a collaboration with Mathematics in the City of the City College of New York, a National Science Foundation project that developed the CDROM and with whom the Center collaborates. The UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry is supported by grants from the Educational Advancement Foundation.